Advancing Democracy Since 2008

The Elbegdorj Institute is an independent non-profit think tank that aims to strengthen and safeguard democratic values in Mongolia. The Institute was founded in 2008 by the former President of Mongolia Elbegdorj Tsakhia. We aim to build a robust and vibrant democracy by supporting the development of democratic institutions, practices, and citizen participation. To achieve our mission we initiate projects focused on public policy research, training and capacity building for civil society organizations, and advocacy efforts.


Elbegdorj Tsakhia is a public servant, a freedom fighter, and a policymaker from Mongolia. In 1990, he was one of the key leaders of the Mongolian Democratic Revolution that ended seven decades of one-party rule.

He is known as the “Golden Sparrow of Democracy,” alluding to a bird that comes in spring after a long, harsh winter. Since then, Elbegdorj has continuously served Mongolia as a Member of Parliament four times, as Prime Minister two times, and was elected President for two terms (2009 - 2017).

In office, Elbegdorj prioritized strengthening the rule of law in Mongolia, fostering social justice, fighting poverty, combating corruption, supporting environmental sustainability, and advancing vibrant participatory democracy. He has also initiated and led many social, economic, and governance reforms.