Basic research works funded by Elbegdorj Institute

Program introduction 

Elbegdorj Institute is a non-profit organization with the aim of strengthening and protecting democracy and its values in Mongolia. As a democratic institution, we cooperate with citizens and organizations who want to perfect the basic principles of democratic concepts, good governance, and free market to strengthen democracy in society, and implement projects and programs aimed at influencing activities by researching public policy, training and empowering civil society organizations and developing citizen participation.

We openly invite all researchers to submit their terms and quotations for the basic research work of the law project and the regional research work, which will be carried out in the framework of the analysis and policy recommendations for the sustainable development of our institute.

 Topics covered by “Basic research works funded by Elbegdorj Institute”

Projects must have selected at least one of the following areas:
Note: The Institute will provide funding of up to 5,000,000 MNT on average per project.

How to apply

Organizations eligible to apply for funding from the Institute:

Eligible costs

The following project costs are eligible for Elbegdorj Institute funding:

Unacceptable costs: